About us

It all started with two Italian moms, their new life in Geneva and a simple idea.

As the Big Friendly Giant says in Rohal Dahl’s homonym book… “The human bean is not a vegetable.”
It’s a funny misspelled word, just like those invented by our kids, which means human being.
A human bean is also a little seed that is born within us and grows with our love until it becomes a real tiny person.
It was just the best name we could find to bring our project to life!
Because little human beans are the center of our universe. It’s for them that we select classic clothes and beautiful accessories, all Made in Italy, precious and timeless.
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Made in Italy

Everything that is real was imagined first
M. Williams


Italy is the land of many leading fashion brands, but it’s also home to many smaller labels that keep on producing the exceptional quality clothes of the old days. Hand-made embroideries, noble and beautiful fabrics, that attention to details that is often lost in the rush of this modern world… everything still exists, it’s just harder to find.
Humanbeans wanders across small Italian towns, discovers the best ateliers crafting classic children’s wear and brings it to you.
Its suppliers are experienced partners who can often create custom collections: by mixing and matching colors, prints and fabrics, humanbeans often has the possibility to “design” its own models, something that nobody else on the market has.
That’s why the collection is so unique!

Cute overalls, collared bodysuits, classic jumpers, puffy bloomers, girly blouses, vichy bikini bottoms and more. But also hair accessories hand made with Liberty of London prints, ultra soft bath towels that can be personalized, watercolor nursery illustrations, cross-stitched lavender sachets with your baby’s initial…

Every piece is designed, made and wrapped with love, perfect for your little ones’ everyday life or special occasions!