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Thanks to its original simplicity, the BIBO line manages to be in harmony with both the liveliest children and the most reflective ones, because it is a direct expression of their light-heartedness and dreamy attitude.

Polo shirts, shirts, trousers and dresses, also for ceremony, all made in selected Italian laboratories.

Since 1970, quality, courtesy and attention to the world of children.


Grandmas’ love for our little ones is something special. They spoil them with attentions, cuddles and yes, gifts.

Lemamì is a little club of sweet grandmothers with a big heart who like spending time with needle and thread, sewing unique accessories for their grandchildren. They create limited edition pieces, crafting them with the best materials and endless attention.

Humanbeans’ collaboration with Lemamì brings you their story, their experience, their scented sachets embroidered with cross-stitch initials, and their precious towels and bath sets.

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Pesciolino Rosso

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Why should you choose to buy my accessories? The answer is only one, just because “Valentina Solimene” is me. Choosing my creations you are buying more than some pretty objects. You are spread the love story behind them made of hundreds hours of searching, projecting and testing the best solution for your little girls.

Lots of moments of frustration and a single perfect moment of pure joy… when a new model finally comes out and it is simply perfect! Each piece represents an original creation, proudly and entirely 100 % handmade in Italy with traditional techniques and care to details. In each creation you will always find my original ideas, a piece of my creative soul, my love for colors… something that is so exclusive and unique because it has been created by me just for you!


“In the digital world where we live, we are not saying that a greeting card can compensate a real hug… but we definitively treasure that moment when we decide to slow down, get back in touch with people we love, take the chance to share a thought or that little things that has moved our day”

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Paper lovers | luxury Stationery & lifestyle brand.
A creative space for inspire and get inspired.
Created by sisters Marta and Angela Grossi.

Nicoletta Fanna is a family-owned business established in 1995 producing top quality children clothing. The owner and founder, Nicoletta Fanna, personally supervises the day-to-day operations in her factory, located in the north of Italy.

Nicoletta believes that children should wear simple, comfortable clothing made with high quality fabrics. Her clothes are enriched by hand embroideries made by specialised artisans following an ancient Venetian tradition which is now almost forgotten.

STREGHE IN BIKINI was born in 2013 with the idea of relaunching the cotton swimsuit famous in the  ‘60s and ‘70s: a corolla of petals. The petal is indeed the distinctive element of the first but also of the following collections in microfibre.

STREGHE IN BIKINI is a swimwear brand for children, with a small capsule collection dedicated to women and moms.

It is characterized by a sartorial production, all made in Italy by specialized artisans.

Licia Julia Cavaliere, the designer, was born in Milan and raised in Parma. Thanks to her great passion for the sea, she became pilot in the speedboat racing and won golden medals at professional level. With a degree in Languages and master degree in Marketing, she worked in different fields before starting with the swimwear design and production. Married and with two children, she lives and works in Rome.

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